Fluxpoint Energy Systems

Harvesting the Energy of Innovation


Low Cost Energy Solutions

Fluxpoint’s CSP technology is highly scalable. Systems as small as one MWe to well over a GWe can be installed using the same hardware and equipment with no change in the modular design or field layout. The ability to scale installations has many time and cost advantages. Large power requirements can be distributed among several smaller installations to address  compatibility issues with sensitive habitats, thus, simplifying the permitting process. Smaller facilities can also be located closer to load centers resulting in significantly reduced transmission cost.

In the near future, large-scale solar electric power generation will be more affordable than ever. FluxPoint, Inc. has pioneered a unique concentrating solar power (CSP) system specifically designed for utility application. Our patent-pending Trifocal optics technology has made it possible to significantly reduce the component cost while allowing more compact field installations, thus reducing the property costs as well. Our goal is to provide grid-quality, solar-electric power generation to meet the growing energy demands of communities worldwide.



Fluxpoint’s elegant modular design provides unparalleled manufacturing and installation advantages. The system is comprised of simple components produced in high volume. Every component has been designed for high speed, high volume manufacturing. Prefab modules delivered to the construction site assure rapid installation. In addition, our segmented installation strategy allows large installations to be put on line one megawatt at time as each segment is completed providing the opportunity to produce grid power during construction.